Generative Dissemination

We empower scholars by providing tools and strategies that enhance productivity and well-being, ensuring your research contributions are impactful and transformative.

A Holistic Approach To Scholarly Productivity

The Careful Scholars Model

The Four Pillars: What They Are And How They Support Us

Collective Care
& Well Being

Our being is as important as our knowing and doing; intentional practices to support self and collective care. Join our writing retreats.
The Careful Scholars Model


The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our results: building community; developing trust through collaboration.
The Careful Scholars Model


Commitment to “Calling In”; fostering participation and peer accountability, enhancing our collective growth and scholarly impact.
The Careful Scholars Model


Producing scholarship that is relevant, high quality, and forward-thinking; driving innovation and excellence in academic research.
The Careful Scholars Model

CareFull Scholars Writing Program

Welcome to the CareFull Scholars Program, where self-care is as important as scholarship. Your interest in academic interventions for minoritized students means your empirical research studies, concept papers, opinion pieces, or review articles are needed now more than ever. We believe that “radical” self-care is essential for producing high-quality manuscripts, grant proposals, practice briefs, book chapters, and edited volumes from a clear and focused mind rather than a stressed-out and overwhelmed one.

Our Approach

We are honored to facilitate a monumental shift in your writing practices and mindset. Our program starts with the 25+5 Daily Writing Process:

  • 25 minutes of writing every weekday
  • 5 minutes of reflection and transition
  • Based on the Pomodoro method
  • Focuses on writing to declutter rather than aiming for a specific product

Self and Collective Care

The CareFull Scholars Program emphasizes a fundamental focus on self and collective care. Key elements include:

  • Weekly 30-Minute CareFull Check-Ins:
    • Held on Zoom every Wednesday afternoon or evening
    • Aim to authenticate changes in work/life balance through contemplative practices
    • Focus on cultivating and caring for the scholar’s mind

Building Community

Believing in the power of relationships, we host Monthly Community Gatherings to encourage authentic connections and collaborative work. Our tools include:

  • Open Science Framework (OSF):
    • Catalogs our collaborative writing process
    • Provides a “citable” work even while in development
  • Shared Google Files:
    • Easy access to material
    • Facilitate regular and asynchronous collaboration

Program Goals

Our goal is for each participant to be cited on a completed scholarly product by July 31, 2022. Additionally, there will be opportunities to contribute to the work of the HBCU STEM-US Center. The CareFull Scholars Program is housed in the Analytic Hub, the collaborative research arm of the Center. Our work includes:

  • Studying effective academic interventions at HBCUs
  • Producing relevant, high-quality, and forward-thinking scholarship
  • Promoting asset-based framing of academic intervention research at HBCUs

We couldn’t do this work without partners like you. Thank you for joining this effort. We look forward to an open discussion with you.