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You plan to write this summer.

You know that your summer writing won’t happen unless you have a PLAN. But a plan is not enough.  A plan requires STRUCTURE:  A set writing date and time in your calendar; A number of pages per day or week; An externally imposed deadline!

However, the writing method behind CareFull Scholars is a sustained writing PRACTICE and a practice is a habit.

In his book “Atomic Habits” James Clear gives some practical tips on establishing a good habit and breaking habits that no longer serve you. I’ll be sharing tips from the book  with you as we write together this summer.

Here’s a synopsis of the entire book- Four questions to ask yourself to  establish a new habit

  • How can I make it obvious?
  • How can I make it attractive?
  • How can I make it easy?
  • How can I make it satisfying?

In the meantime, consider a reasonable writing goal for the next 3 months. I recommend low-hanging fruit like that manuscript that remains unfinished buried in a file but still on your mind….just choose ONE thing! Then create a Project Page for that one Project. Take 15 minutes to write about what you would need to do to get it done. THAT is an Action Step. If you take an action every day from that Project Page, you will complete the task. 

This method is from the book “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity” by David Allen. This is a method that has you eliminate mental clutter and focus the bulk of your time only on the tasks that are most meaningful to you (meaningful as in – the things that give your life meaning and purpose). This book has sold millions of copies and there are many communities to support using it. My advice; start simple and go slowly. GTD is itself a practice.

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I read Allen’s  book many years ago and followed the method for a while. It was helpful but then I fell off. In preparing for a move and culling my library, I found the old copy and decided to recommit. However, this time I’m doing it with a twist. My own version of GTD is:

“Growing Towards Divinity: Applying prayer to every task that matters and releasing those that don’t”

It’s not a book…not yet. I’ll be sharing these tips with you as well.

Now write.

You do have 15 minutes.

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